In Memory of



Obituary for Aidan Tate

1 week ago today my worst nightmare came true - I received a call that ended all my hopes for my son. Aidan was only 19 years old and I loved him so much.

Thank you to all of you that have reached out through text, email and social - I just haven't been able to respond but your messages have meant a lot to me. Some of you have asked about attending the service but we have decided to keep it small and private the way Aidan would have wanted. We have also been asked about donations/ flowers and we do not expect this but if you would really like to I would suggest a donation/ support for Four Cast or Right to Heal.

The most powerful thing you could do to honour Aidan is to believe and loudly tell everyone you know that addiction is a disease. Addiction is is not a lifestyle or a choice - it is a disease that needs the supports within our healthcare system that all other diseases have. Changes need to be made so more beautiful souls like Aidan will not be lost so soon. #thankyou #addiction #addictionawareness