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Obituary for Jeff Siegerman

M Jeffery Siegerman
1960 to 2022

Died after a fairly annoying two year adventure with cancer (1-Star, would
not recommend), tried not to whine too much, very sad.
Leaving behind Christine, true partners in so many ways, the person I
always love to be with even when I don’t feel like being with people. I had
a good, full life, knocked basically everything off my extensive bucket list
so my only real regret is not being with you through a long, active
(Christine needs a lot less support than you assume she does. If you insist on
"being there for her" you will just annoy her. Let her call you.)
And Eric and Lisa, my bro and sis, who have known me all my life and yet
despite that apparently still love me as much as I love them.
Accomplishments? Marched defiantly to my own drum, made some stuff,
saw sizable chunks of the planet often way off the tourist map, found
myself endlessly humorous (YMMV), figured out the great efficiencies of
buying a dozen identical pairs of socks at a time. However my biggest
accomplishment was all the wonderful people who travelled the road with
me whether for a while or all the way through. My journey would not have
been the same without each one of you.
“Though of course we never confessed it - the death of
anyone we know, even those we like best, is always mingled
with a certain satisfaction at being finally done with them.”
-GB Shaw
Donations – World Vision Canada (South Asia)

For those who wish to donate, Jeff supported World Vision Canada (South Asia) for nearly 20 years, helping children and communities in need.

Funeral - A Celebration of Jeff may be held in the spring 2023.